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I'm Jordan Sings, a self taught singer-songwriter and producer from Portland, Oregon. You may have seen me playing some tunes at the Portland International Airpot (PDX) or street preforming at my favorite spot just outside Powells Books in NW Portland. Wherever our paths have crossed, I want to thank you for taking the time to listen and for checking my website out. I love making connections through live performance and I hope my music had a positive impact on you!

When I'm not playing live or spending time with loved ones, I'm constantly recording new sounds and writing new lyrics in my home studio. I love the process of taking a small snippet of an idea from my head and working it in to a fully realized song. Regardless of the genre, I want my music to convey emotional honesty and inspire feeling in you, my listener. Creating Music brings me fulfillment and joy, and if just one person can feel that through the sounds that I share, then i've done my job as a musician.

I hope to grow and evolve in this craft, to have fun along the way and to provide the best work that I possibly can. Thank you so much for following along on this journey!